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NASCAR, Starbridge Media Group Release Premier Issue of NASCAR Comics Branded Publication, "NASCAR Heroes"

The National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing (NASCAR) and Starbridge Media Group, Inc., announced today the release of the premier issue of the NASCAR Comics brand initiative under the banner of the NASCAR Library Collection.

Working in conjunction with NASCAR, McLean, VA-based Starbridge Media Group has published the first of a series of NASCAR comic books with unique concepts, original characters and varied storylines. The books, which are branded NASCAR Comics, appeal to NASCAR's large and diverse fan base as well as traditional independent comic book consumers. The first issue, titled "NASCAR Heroes," is available nationwide via Books-a-Million stores, independent comic shops, track-side merchandisers, other fine retailers, online.

Through an online balloting contest at http://www.racingone.com/ during February and March, fans had the opportunity to vote for the design and look of the comic book's three main characters. In the first-ever release of "NASCAR Heroes," fans can see the resulting appearances of rookie Jimmy Dash, sinister Jack Diesel, hard-charging Astor Shockington, and a host of other characters.

"We continue to be excited about creating original publishing content and promotions for NASCAR's expansive fan base," said Mark Dyer, NASCAR's vice president of licensing and consumer products. "Having Starbridge Media Group as our publishing partner for the NASCAR Comics initiative enhances NASCAR's opportunity to serve this space and meet increased demand from our fans for new material. Starbridge's background in both sports media and animation production makes them a compelling partner for this new line of publications."

The first issue of "NASCAR Heroes" sets the stage for the story of lowly Team Flatstock and its bumbling crew as it seeks to challenge the hard- charging team of the legendary Jack Diesel. The second and third issues in the series are scheduled for July and September releases, respectively.

"We are excited to release the premier issue of the NASCAR Comics brand in conjunction with the NASCAR Library Collection," said Ken Hutman, president of Starbridge Media Group. "We look forward to publishing compelling and dynamic comic books that will appeal to the core values of NASCAR and its fans for many years."

Source: Starbridge Media Group, Inc.

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